Visitor visa denial x 3..Please help..


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Hello everybody,

First of all I would like to thank you everybody who contributes to this forum, its great resource.

Even one word might be helpful for someone ...

My parents visa were denied 3 times (March 2011, June 2011 and April 2012) under 214b.

Our background:

Me and my wife are physicians and currently perusing fellowship on H1B. I came on student visa initially and then on H1B since last 4 years. We have 18 month old daughter, who is in India with my parents. She went to india with my in-laws when they visited us while my daughter was 11 month old. Only reason she is in India is: my parents did not get visa and they were so desperate to see and play with her. Our plan was to bring her back in 1-2 months while our vacation comes..but unfortunately things did not go as we thought and we couldn't go to india because of our work related issues.

My parents background:

My father has business (Diamond marketing + Agricultural land) and my mom is housewife. Both are not much educated..

Interviews were in our local language

First interview:

-All routine questions

-only confusing thing was: we had sent invitation letter to our parents in our native language as per one the visa agent suggestion and VO had little smile after seeing it and asked who wrote this. my parents told that my son. otherwise nothing significant.

Second Interview:

-this time we had shown diamond business and agricultural income both. so VO told that your application is different than last time and then they did not gave chance to speak anything about new business.

Third Interview:

-same routine questions and my parents gave answers to all questions comfortably..

-At the end when they said sorry, my father asked :" Sir, please tell us if anything going wrong from our side" VO replied: " whatever times you applied our decision will be based on rules"

Now we are planning to apply 4 time this month and my questions are following:

(1) This their purpose to visit is : to drop my daughter back to USA as her health is not good and we dont want to wait until our next vacation time that is in end of this year to go and bring her back. This is very genuine reason from our side. So we are thinking to answer: " To visit my son + Tourism and drop grand daughter back to her parents"

My parents has lost their hope for visa after 3 denials, so they are not anymore interested in visiting USA but just for my daughter now they said OK.

Even my father cant stay more than 2-3 weeks due to his new business now.

(2) Is there any chance now after 3 denials ?

(3) since last applications we have some changes like new income and business, family structure change: my brother and one of the sister (with her 2 little kids) are staying with my parents who are dependent on my parents that was not the situation while they applied last time. How to introduce these changes in case if VO dont ask anything about this?

(4) Should I mention the health problem for my daughter and urgency of her coming back to USA in a letter that usually we writes to consulate for our parents?

I do understand and respect all visa rules and regulation, but as life's rule, all have to suffer for one mistake others do. I am sure I am not the only one who is crying for this situation but most important is what we can do best by abiding rules and regulations of immigration.

I really appreciate your valuable time to read this long story and your valuable inputs.

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That reason is not believable. Your employer should be willing to give one of you an emergency leave in order for you to go and get her; ask for it. Otherwise, since your in-laws have a visa, one of them can bring her back to the US since they took her back with them.

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