Mother's B1/B2 visa question to attend my graduation


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My mother will be attending visa interview soon. Please help me with the below questions.

Q1: What would be the best answer to "How much expense do you expect from this trip?"

Note: I read in an online forum that mentioning "Never say that you can put up some/part/all of the money."

Any general advises to get the visa? Thanks in advance!

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I did my mothers B1/B2 and many of my other friends. But until now never heard this question. Though I understand each case is different and not standard questions for all.

Best thing is to educate your mother about all the expenses, including travel, living, medical etc. And get her comfortable & ready for any such unusual questions.

If possible : get her interview done in her native language, or language she is comfortable, no stumbling, no murmuring, no extempore. Feel & look as much relaxed & confident as much possible.

I booked an overnight hotel for my mother just considering the travel from my native place, she was totally relaxed, calm.

All the best!

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