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Hello All,

I have received response to SR as follows.

This means my I-485 is linked with newly approved EB2 I140? or they just consolidate all into one file.

My PD is Sep 2004 but not ported to newly EB2 I140 approval notice. I need to take full time job. In this situation can i accept it.

Please advise on this.

A review of Service records indicates that your Form I-140(LINXXX) is in your alien registriction file, along with your for I-1485.

USCIS is aware that according to the Dpartment of Sate's visa bulletin, there appear to be visas available however there has been an extremely large volumne of cases requiring visas, A visa may or may not be currenly available for you, howerver if there is a visa available for your case, those cases are being assinged to officers and are being processed in data order. If you do not receive a decision or other notice of action from us with in 60 days of the date of this message you may place anotehr inquiry after that peirod of time has elapsed.



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