Is Frequent entry using B2 visa allowed?


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Hi, My parents were here in USA from December 2011 till August 2012 (with a two months extension due to medical reasons). They have visited here earlier also quite a number of times. Now we are planning to bring them here in the middle of April 2013. Will they be allowed to enter the country and stay here for at least 6 months or will they be given only shorter stay like couple of months or weeks? could anyone please let me know or anyone with similar situation could you please share your experience?

Thank you..

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i dont see why they shouldnt be given a longer stay...but the general rule is, on visitors visa a person should spend more time in their home country than in the US...but frequent trips makes it look like they are in the US more and might not make the Officers at the POE comfortable..but at the same time they wouldnt send them back. Unless there were some work or illegal activites involved in their previous visits.

rest assured..have nice time with your parents.

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Given that there were medical issues during their last visit, you need to make sure that they are well enough for the journey and have medical insurance for their stay. If the officials at POE are seeing them spend extended amounts of time in the US, they can certainly deny them entry or give a short visit or a warning. If they are warned, they - and you - should take that very seriously. I suggest you review the entirity of their travel history and if they really are spending nearly half of their lives in the US, you should reevaluate their travel plans.

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