EB3 to EB2 Port with NEW employer

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Hello Friends,

Same question with little different situation. Your help is valueable!!

I'm on EAD and applied for EB3 with my old employer-A in 2007 with prirotiy date of June 2004. Working with current employer-B for last 3 years (left employer-A) starting in March-2010. I have gained management related experience, have earned management related course certificates but the job title is not really a typical "manager".

Q1- Can I apply for EB2 with any other new employer-C or the old employer-A based on the experince gained with current employer?

Q2- If the new employer-C has a good financial turnover with very few employees on his payroll (for the sub-contractors) but never filed/sponsored any type of visa or greencard for any candidate. Is it safe to file for eb-2 category this employer?



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