PD Current in July, next steps?


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Hello all,

My PD will be current in July per the latest bulletin. I was one of those people who applied during the July 2007 fiasco. What are the next steps I should take? My attorney basically said to just wait until about midway through July and then call the 1-800 USICS number to ask for an update. Is that the right approach?

Someone else also said that they might request for the medical exams again since they are (clearly) more than a year old. Is that true? Does anyone know for sure? I live in a small town and have to travel at least 2.5 - 3.0 hours to get a Dr. certified by the USCIS for the medical exam and if I know for sure that they will request a medical exam, I could call and schedule in advance (and then pay a small $$ fee to cancel, rather than scramble in the last minute).

Thanks in advance for all responses.

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