Change in Employer after I-140 is Approved


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I am currently on H1-B visa with company "A" and on the 6th year of my visa period. My H1-B expires on Aug 31st 2011.

Currrently my Labor got approved (approved on 7th Jan 2011) and applied for I-140 last week under premium processing through company "A".


1. Can I change to company "B" after my I-140 is approved through company "A"?

2. Can I get the visa extension through the company "B" (3 year extension).

3. Or should I get extension from the company "A" and get transfer to the company "B"

Please help me.

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I am in the same position, this seems like a pretty common scenario. I am currently in 7th year H1B valid till 9/30/2011, my I-140 is approved and I want to change jobs to company B.

a) is it possible to file a 3-year H1 extension thru company B (even though Labor/140 approval is thru current company A).

b) is it safer to get the H1 extension from the company "A" and then get the H1 transfer to the company "B"?

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