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I work for company A, it's going to merge with company B. I have a H1B stamping visa appointment in Canada in July 2013. I reserved this slot with company A name and I797.

When company A merge with company B, what will be my H1B situation. Should company B file my H1B transfer or amendment? My work location is going to change, my pay and/or role may change from my current role and pay.

What all i should be aware in this situation?

When i have a meeting with new company HR, being on H1B visa, what all points should i discuss with them regarding H1B and stamping?

Any help is really appreciated.


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You need to clarify on the merger. So is the new merged entity called "Company C" now or it was a acquisition?

When did the merger happen? was it after you booking the appointment? The legal process for mergers tend to take time for approval from Trade commissions. So not sure if in your case is it just the announcement pending the legal process or they have completed the process. Normally those take anywhere from few days to couple of months for complete legal approval.

In case of acquisition its different as the parent company normally acquires all your visa related things but might be different in each situation.

When you say change of location, is it different cities?

If role is changing then definetly you would need to work through the legal process.

Disclaimer: These are my personal experiences so not a legal advice. Please consult your lawyer for legal advice.

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I just realized that merger is different from acquisition. My case is acquisition, not merge.

I am working for Company A. Company B is acquiring Company A. The deal is not finalized yet, but Company A has announced internally that they are working with Company B on the acquisition and it should be done in few weeks.

I reserved my visa slot before this news came out. I am not sure if my role will change with company B, but i am sure the work location is different (near by cities, may be 15 miles away from Company A to Company B)

Please let me know your thoughts

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