L1B to H1B Transfer , Can COS process my H1B only on reciept number


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Currently I am in United States from Dec 2010 and my current Visa Status in L1B. My current employer had filed H1b Petition for me in June 2008, but I/company did not utilized it as there was no open position at that time.

But in Dec 2010 my same employer filed an L1B for me and then I was deployed to US to work for one of the client .

The reason my employer did not use my valid H1B at that time , was because of the policy they have of not deploying candidates for this particular client for which I am working right now.

Wanted to know if I can use the same H1B petition which was filed for me in June 2008 , so that I can work in US for any other employer. I do not have any receipt or supported documents of H1b , as my current employer did not give it , I just have reciept will that work ?

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