F2 and H1B simultaneously


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I will be heading to US for my MBA course on F1 visa. My spouse had filed for the H1B petition and her H1B petition got approved.

I have a unique situation and need some expert guidance on the following questions.

1. Do I have to mention in my I-20 documentation about my wife's H1B status?

I want to have the option of sponsoring my wife's F2 if her H1B doesn't get approved or if her company doesn't send her to US.

Can I currently say to the college that my wife will not join me, and later sponsor her F2 if her H1B is rejected?

2. Will my wife's H1B status impact my student visa approval chances? ( the visa officer can think that since my wife already has a H1B approved, if she comes to the US, I may not return back after my studies ( immigration intent ) ?

3. If I were to go to the US before my wife does, will her H1B visa stamped get affected? If the visa officer gets to know that I am already in the US on F1, will he deny her H1B stamping?



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