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Hello Everybody,

I was recently let go from my job. My H1B was stamped and valid through Sep 22, 2013. Before being laid off, I filed a I-539 COS (Change of Status), which was approved. I am currently on a B2 visa which is valid through Jun 30, 2013.

My question is if I find an employer who is willing to file an H1B petition on my behalf, when can I start work ?

Would the employer have to file another I-539 COS along with the H1-B petition and change my visa status to H1-B or would I have to leave the country and re-apply for an H1-B visa and re-enter with stamped H1-B and a new I-94 ?

Also I am on a B2 now. Is international travel possible on this visa ?

Thanks so much for your help,


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