Data entered incorrectly in H1B petition


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Lately(after 6 months)..... i noticed that my full name is not printed on I797A and my name is written in wrong way in I 129(Given name is printed in Middle name box).....and also My dates of stay in USA , I94 number are also entered incorrectly.....When i asked my company lawyer...she told it is not a big issue.....and she told no need to change it as petition is already approved by USCIS....I am planning to go to India(next month) for visa stamping.....I want to know.... if it is going to be big problem?suggest me what i can do to .

Thanks in advance!!!

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What do you mean dates of stay are entered incorrectly? What dates are there? Whatever those dates are on the form, USCIS will consider them correct.

You may be able to handle the incorrect name at the consulate, as long as they can determine that you are the same person. If the Date of birth is correct, that will help.

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