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Hi All,

i came to usa on 2007 for my masters and Worked on Opt for an year with my present,

my h1b got approved from sep 2010-sep2013.

I am on h1b and my h1b is expiring on sep 2013, am applying for extension as it will get approved and I came to usa on f1 visa and after f1 visa i never went for the stamping for my first h1b.

my questtion is

I want to go for the stamping for the Extension Period which i will get . i want to know How many number of days Before i can return to usa with that stamping. my new h1b will start oct-2013-oct2016. i want to go to canada for stamping When earliest i can go for the stamping and return to usa with the oct-2013-oct201 stamping which will be my first stamping?

if i can go n number of days before do i need to show stamping and the present old i797 and come to usa can you please help me decide. as depending on that all my plans are there ?

Can i go to canada in aug or earliest and return with the new stamping ?

thank you.


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