221g white slip got resolved after 4 weeks


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Hi I attened for H1B interview on feb 11 at hyderabad got 221g asking to reply through an email of questionnaire. Sent an email on 12 feb. after 4 long weeks, march 12 udated status changed with out changing the actual status. On 13 th march status changes to issued. Good luck for everyone on the same boat. Infact the only question vo asked was who is your employer and paystubs.

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you are very lucky because I too had a very simple interview at Hyd Consulate as it was not my first H1B stamping and I work for a big company. Because of my name however, they gave me a white 221g with nothing checked and it just mentioned "Additional administrative processing needed".

here's the scary part, my interview was in Aug'2012 and still no response. 200 days and counting!! Not much luck yet with Dept of state or the US consulate in Hyd either.......

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