F2 visa refusal


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My wife appeared for F2 Visa on Feb 15 2013 and given a 221(g) white slip - F2 refused after submitting documents requested according to 221g white slip.VO asked bthey were asking in the column

" from the petitioner"

1. " a copy of the petition with all supporting documents as filed with USCIS.

In the other column " From you "

1."A copies of all you academic credentials

2. " Copies of your us federal income tax returns and w2 forms for last 2 years "

3." Copies of all pay slips and bank statement of last year" ank

statements, pay slips, w-2, Income Tax Returns, degree and transcripts.

Submitted all the docs and visa rejected under 214(b).

My current status is I am on OPT and my OPT expires in june 30, 2013 and F1 visa stamping expires on 6 August 2013. But I am filing my H1 in April 2013. Should my wife reapply for F2 ?

What are the chances of getting Visa approved for second time.

I have recently switched my job in jan 2013. Should she mention about H1 filing as i applying H1 in april 2013.

Or is there another way i can try to get her in USA


Thanka in advance.

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Guest Noah Lotte

I think this one has been answered before...she will not likely be given an F2 visa because there is zero chance she will be returning to India, since you apparently are not either.

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