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Hi all,

When we filed for the I-140 we submitted 2 documents:

(1) All my PM responsibilities listed from the HR, on my former company's letterhead, but no role name as 'Project Manager'. This is because the company only has designations of an employee in its record, and not roles.

(2) A signed letter from my previous manager, stating all my roles and responsibilities, including his contact information. In this he has included the fact that I worked in the role of 'Project Manager'. This letter was not on the company letterhead.

With these documents, we still received an RFE. Here is the text from the RFE:


Please submit evidence that the beneficiary meets all of the requirements listed on the labor certification as of the priority Date. The letter from (manager's name) is not employer's official letterhead. The letter also did not state the signer's name and title.

Any evidence of experience must be in the form of letter(s) from the beneficiary's current or former employer(s). The employer must issue the letter of experience on official letterhead and must list the employer's name and address, and date, the signer's name and title and a description of beneficiary's experience, including dates of employment and specific duties.


I can get my manager's title listed on the letter. The RFE is asking for the manager's letter on official letterhead, which is probably close to impossible to get as the HR is the only team that has access to the letterheads.

Since the RFE is asking for the specific letter from my manager on company letterhead, how do I reply to the RFE? I was hoping that both these letters would help.

If anyone has any insight as to how I could respond to this RFE, I would be extremely grateful.

Thanks in advance.

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If the manager is authorized to issue the letter in question (e.g. regarding an employee's roles and responsiblities), then s/he should be able to issue an official company letter on company letterhead (which is what is required by the USCIS, as noted in the RFE). If the manager cannot issue an official company letter on company letterhead, then they are either not authorized to do so or it calls into question the company itself. Regardless of the reason, what has been submitted is not recognized as valid by the USCIS (for any other legal purposes).

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Hi catx,

In my previous company only the HR has access to the letter head. So are you suggesting that there's nothing else that can be done? I want to send all the documents possible, so if there is something that you can think about, it would be a great help.

@avi_in_us, did you get an RFE too? or are you only starting the process on your I-140.

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