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When I was on STEM-OPT extension with company A ,they applied for my H1B in April 2010 and got approved in June 2010. So the H1 kicked on Oct 1. I went to India in July 2010(while I was on OPT status) and returned in Aug 2010 (on OPT Status without H1b Stamping). I got new I94 card at the POE.

I transfered my H1B from Company A to Company B in Nov 2010. The H1 got Approved.

1)My question is on the new I797 copy from Company B ,the I94 num shows the same num as on Company A I797 I94 num instead of I94 numwhich I got at the port of entry in Aug 2010. Will that be a issue?

2) I am planning to India in July 2013. At the departure gate, do I need to submit all the three I94? (Company A , B I94s and I94 which I got at the port of Entry) OR just the I 94 which I received at the port of entry in Aug 2010?

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