H1b stamping 2013 !!! possibilities


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HI all,

my present employer will be applying for h1b this year. Here is my question for petition approval and stamping.

i have masters degree and currently working in india. I once had h1b in usa which i used for a year from 2009 to 2010. I resigned from the US company in september 2010 and left US in Oct 2010. I came to india and started working in pune.

Now the present company will apply for h1 in cap exempt category. I have w2s from US with me but the thing is i was out of status in US for around 50 days before leaving US in 2010 as i was not paid for 2 months. Will that effect current h1 petition or stamping? i have that years w2. will they ask for paystubs 3 years old of us company?

Please share your views.


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