Apply for new H1B during L1B extension is in progress by Same employer


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I am looking for a clarification/suggestion in applying for H1B. here is the basic situation that I am in and the clarifications needed.

I entered in USA on 7/3/2011 with L1B visa valid until 2/23/2013. My employer applied for L1B extension on February 1st and it is currently underInitial Review status(as of 3/11/2013). However, I am planning to request my employer to apply for new H1B in April 2013. Before I take this request to my employer, I have the below queries.

1. As my L1B extension is currently ongoing, Can I apply for a new H1B in April 2013 from the current/same employer who filed my L1B extension? If Yes, please list how USCIS would handle both the applications.

2. If No, at what stage I would be eligible to apply for a new H1B? I mean Can I apply once I receive L1 Extension RFE OR should wait until final decision(Approval/Denial) arrives on L1B extension from USCIS?

3. is it possible for an employer to apply for two visa's(L1B & H1B) at a time? If Yes/No please list the reason and how USCIS handle the case.

4. What is the best way/suggestion for me to apply for a H1B during this April/May 2013 i.e. 2014 quota?


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