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I have recently filed for EB2 status after waiting for about 8 years in the EB3 line. My EB2 labor has been passed, however the I-140 has gotten a RFE. The RFE says there is a minimum of 5 years of experience in the job field at the time of joining the company that has filed for my EB2.

Here is my education and experience:

1988 - Finished 12 grade High school

1991 - finished Diploma in Engineering ( 3 years course ) after 12th grade , As per Evaluation it is equivalent to US degree

1991 - Work started in Engineering company as a Jr. Engineer in India , gained extra training certificate also.

1993- while working I joined an evening college of engineering for my bachelors degree and finished in 1998

1998--Got my bachelors degree

2001 - Joined a US company on H-1 visa. I am still working in the same company almost 10 years now.

In my case if one considers that I got my degree in 1998, then I have had less than 5 years of experience ( bachleors in 1998 to 2001 joining US company date) but if one cosiders the three years diploma course in 1991 ( As per evalution) and the 10 years experience, then isn't it is more than enough for Eb2 requirement (Bachelor plus 5 years )??

Please review this and kindly let me know your views on what I should do. What should I reply to the RFE based on the educational background and the massive amount of experience (>19 Years total) that I have today?

I greatly appreciate your help .

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