How to enter and work in USA with a valid H1B Visa stamped from Ex Employer?


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I got H1b Visa stamped from Employer A from India and it is valid from Nov 2012 to Oct 2014.Now

I resigned from Company A.Though I worked in India for that company and never worked in United

States on the said VISA and petition for that company, which means I never worked for my US petitioner mentioned on my H1b Visa Stamping.

And a New employer B from US is ready to file a new petition for me OR send some supporting documentation to enter USA with the existing VIsa stamp.

Here are my below doubts

1.Is it legally correct to enter the United States with Visa Stamped from Employer A and New

approved petition from Employer B?

2. Will there be any problem at the Port of Entry?

3. And Is there a way(legally accepted) to enter USA with the VISA and petition filed from

Employer A and some supporting documentation from Employer B but with out actually filing a

petition from EMployer B?



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