Changeing Employer after I140 approval.


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I'm Physical Therapist from India, working in NY for company A who sponsored me H1b and GC initially in EB3 and upgraded to EB2 with my old PD which is Apr 2010. With current retrogression is their any possibility of getting EB2 dates back to 2010 with 1-2 yrs. If the retrogression going to last for another 1-2 yrs from now I was thinking to move to company B. If I move to company B what are chances of porting old PD with new petition, even with old employer revoking old case.With high chances of CIR bill passing this year, is their any advantage for Physical therapist in this CIR bill. As I heard that in 2005 bill under schedule A Physical therapist got advantage and got GC faster. Is their any chances of happening like that again this time. Please clarify my doubts, that will be very helpful for further decision making process, I'm eagerly waiting for your reply.

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