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Greetings to all

First of all i would like to appreciate the efforts of the moderator and the group people for coming up with adequate help .

I am a prospective H4 ,a post graduate in clinical psychology from university of Delhi and certified clinical psychologist in India . Am at a good place professionally . How ever as am expected to move i kick started and in the same process decided to first get H4 and than learn and understand the requirements for PhD Clinical psychology (or related field).Though most of the information is available online , but to make self sure and also to get to meet university people before i apply . I decide that i would take h4 - f1 route .

My field requires/ mandatory internship which is paid and requires SSN , which H4 doesn't provide and I would love to get OPT (as the field is so established in states) .

Now my question is -

Am expecting my husband would not accompany me for the interview (as the company would initiate the H4 for me and there is a possibility that he would be in states)

1- I would answer(hoping) questions about his job , education .But what should i say if they ask is he planning to apply for GC ,which ofcourse he is .

2- Similarly i do plan to look for jobs post my PhD .What should i reply if they ask my future plans ?

kindly guide

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