As a project manager I hear its very difficult to go through PERM because of lack of uniques skills - Sample resumes plz?


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I am a project manger managing infrastructure type projects in the IT department of a very large company.

I have masters from the US. How do I make my resume look unique since project management is not exactly a very unique skill.

There is very high risk of getting lots of resumes for my job position / profile.

Can anybody provide some sample resumes for PM's which can get through PERM?

I may have the skills I just dont know which ones to present for this purpose.

Any help is greatly appreciated

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I am not looking for a legal opinion here.

Just want to know what sort of skills should be highlighted for the PERM process job description and resume for a project Manager.

Its relatively easy when someone with hard core technical skills is required. I am more of a generalist co-ordinating and leading projects.

I do have a technical background.

Want to know what skills I should highlight. Also it would really help if someone could point me to a resume that you think will clear the perm process for a PM role.

I don't want to misrepresent any facts. Just need help understanding what to present and in what way.

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