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Hello All,

I am on a H1-B visa and want to invite my parents.

Few questions in regards to application of tourist visa for my parents...

1. My Dad is fluent in English but my mom isnt very good. If they have an interview in English, she may have some grammatical errors in answering. So, is it advisable for them to have the interview in local language or in English? (The reason I ask this question is that my dad used to be a General Manager and is now retired and my mom is a house-wife) (not sure if language plays a role in getting a visa? it shouldnt be that they apply in local language and VO says you were a GM and how come you are applying in local language and vice versa for my mom)

2. My understanding is that they need separate DS-160 forms. Can anyone please confirm?

3. If answer to question 2 is yes (and relates to question 1), then how is the interview appointment handled? Is there an option for both parents to have the same date n time for interview??

4. Even thou my father is retired and my mom is a house-wife, they can sponsor their own trip. They have solid finances to support the trip. Is it advisable that they sponsor their own trip or I sponsor their trip (I can provide solid finances to support their trip) (FYI: My wife also works). Will this play a role in getting a visa?

5. Where does it say that one has to send I-134 affidavit of support? I couldnt find it anywhere in the chennai consulate website for tourist visa? Should I send it only if I sponsor or send one regardless?

6. These are the documents I have gathered..Am I missing anything??

VFS Appointment Letter

DS-160 Application submission confirmation with barcode

Visa Fee Receipts (valid for 1 year)

Invitation Letter(Separate Copy for Mom and Dad)

Letter to Consulate(Separate Copy for Mom and Dad)

I-134 Form(Separate Copy for Mom and Dad)

Documents from my parents--->

Passports (new and old)

Two Photos passport size photos 50mm X 50mm (2" x 2") with a white or off-white background (<6months old)

Signed Affidavit

a. motheraffidavit.doc

b. fatheraffidavit.doc

IT Tax Documents/ Tax Payments

Family Photos

Bank Statements

Notarized documents of all your property

Fixed deposits, any financial related documents

Supporting Documents from me--->

H1b Approval - I797 A

Employment Letter

W2 Forms


Bank Statements

My Passport Copy with visa n i-94 (new and old)

Wife Passport Copy with visa n i-94 (new and old)

Wife H1b Approval I-797 A

Any replies is highly appreciated in advance.

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1. This is not a problem. My mother doesn't speak English, my father answered all the questions and their visa interview went through smooth.

2. One DS-160 per applicant

3. You can take a group appointment; Appointment system should show an option like "is anyone else travelling with you?", you can use that option

4. Shouldn't be a problem either way. I am not sure of the paper work required if the parents are sponsoring themselves. Whereas, there is abundant information available online if you plan to sponsor them.

5. AOS-134 is mandatory if you plan to sponsor. Not sure about the other case, no harm in carrying it though

6. Here is the checklist I had used -

Affidavit of Support (Form I-134)

Copy of my H1B approval notice (Form I-797)

Copy of my visa, and I-94

Copy of my wife's visa and I-94

My birth certificate and affidavit

My wife's birth certificate and affidavit

Letter of employment -

Copy of last two pay stubs

Copy of my recent bank statement and stock asset statement

Bank account verification letter

Copy of last two years’ tax returns and W2's

Invitation Letter to Father's and Mother's

Letter to Consulate

Father's Interview Letter

Mother's Interview Letter

Father's DS-160

Mother's DS-160

Affidavit for Property - Parent's

Affidavit-Assurance for Return- Parent's

Father's Passport

Mother's Passport

Father's Photographs

Mother's Photographs

Father's NOC from Employer

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thanks kranti_surya...


Is there any other specific documents apart from the ones I have mentioned above that needs to be included if my parents sponsor themselves? (FYI: My father is a retired Govt employee and mom is a housewife)

Any replies will be appreciated

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