Prevailing wages

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My case -

I have 12 years of experience

My GC was filed 8 years ago in EB3 under as a Sr. QA person

Since then I have got my I140 approved.

After which I changed my profile from QA to Project Manager

Last year when I submitted a request to port my case from EB3 to EB2 through my company. After few months, I was told that the prevailing wage for my title is very high (above $170K) as per DoL.

Questions -

1. Have I hit a roadblock?

2. Is the prevailing wages that high?

3. Are there other alternatives?


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The prevailing wage is not one number. It varies based on the job description and the region where the job is located.

In certain high-cost areas, e.g., Silicon Valley, it may not be unusual.

You need to discuss this with your employer and your immigration lawyer.

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