Pay During Vacation ?


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Hi all,

i recently transfer my H1 B from desi employer to an american consulting firm. everything is working fine so far & even i am getting paid every Friday.

Now i am planning to take a vacation for 2 weeks in April & thinking to go for stamping in Canada soon after that. So while i ask my employer that whether i will get any pay during vacation he simply says that NO. They have policies that i must need to compete 1 year with them & then only i can get a paid vacation for up to 4 weeks in a year.

So is it OK to not get paid on H1B while you are on vacation & will it create any issues while i go for stamping ?

any inputs will be very helpful.

Thank You.

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First of all, the vacation policy should have been written out in the employment contract. Didn't you read that before signing?

Second, find a better employer. With all my employers, I had 2 weeks of vacation from the first year on, and more the longer I am there.

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