dropbox waiver program while IN USA


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Hi I am planning to use the new dropbox service for getting my stamped visa.

Yes, I am eligible for it by all means.

My questions is:

I am currently in USA. can i mail passport to India, and someone submits my documents to the stanley office.

One issue, that maybe ,is while picking the password in case of approval. will bluedart give it to someone else , i send?

If they give a 221g form or refuse it, what will happen?

or shall i wait till i go to India, before i get it stamped. am planning to go in may for a week, but i don't want any hassel of this while i go.

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<p style="margin-left: 40px">The intent of dropbox option is that you dont need to attend the interview personally, but nowhere was it intended that anyone is exempt from being in the country (India) while visa is being processed. The whole oogic of going out of US to get your visa stamped doesn't make sense if you are able to do that.</p>

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<p style="margin-left: 40px">And, I may be wrong here, drop box option only exempts personal consular interview, but you still need to go to OFC for biometrics appointment, so you need to be physically present in India even though you dont have a personal interview.</p>

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<p style="margin-left: 40px">To answer other question, your friend/relative can pick up your stamped passport as long as they have a copy of your id and an authorization letter signed by you.</p>

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LOL !! I am currently in USA. Can I MAIL passport to India, and someone submits my documents to the stanley office-----LOL!!

1. Please dont do that.

2. Infact call the USTRAVELdocs in India (those handle visa processing for US consulates in india) and ask them about your idea. After you get the response please post it again.

  • Callers in India: Call +91 120 6602222 or +91 22 67209400.
  • Callers in the United States: Call 1 310 616 5424.

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Thanks for taking time to answer my query.:)

@rangadu: my last visa was issued after 2009, so i do not need that finger printing. I already have tenprinted. so I do not need that. That's the reason I thought to get it stamped from here. this way I do not worry about leaving the country. Though later I realized, it's a bit complicated.

@hero_123 I have tried contacting usatraveldocs, but they didn't answer it. they only said, your relative can drop off the documents, but if you can do it while in USA or not, no answer.

The only concern is 221g. or if they ask me to come for an interview, they will keep the passport. and i'll be.......

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