Should I file for EB2 or EB3?

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Job reqt is stated as: Minimum requirement is Bachelor's Degree or alternately, Master's Degree in Education or related field. Zero experience required. I have a Master's degree in Education. In the I-140, if I apply for the EB3 then they will look for the Bachelor's which I don't have because my bachelor's is in STEM, but I have the Master's degree, the advanced degree as required in EB2. I am thinking an EB3 will be denied while the EB2 will be ok because I have the required master's degree. Would I qualify/Am I classified under EB2 (advanced degree) or just the EB3? Thanks!

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I think what you are saying is that the Bachelor's is the minimum required and that the Masters is just an alternative, as stated in the job requirement to begin with. If I apply for EB3, they will look for the Bachelors degree in Education which I don't have so I will just submit my Masters credentials, too, as it is covered by the alternative clause. In the I-140 instructions for EB3 Professionals, it says I need to submit evidence that a bachelors degree is required for entry into the occupation. Does this refer to the teacher's license requirements? IN other professions, do they submit a document from the Dept of labor? Thanks!

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