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I am a doctor from india currently residing in united states for my usmle board exams.i have a 10 yr multiple entry b1/b2 visa which expires on 2022.I wish to pursue a degree in research programme or masters in public health (MPH).My query is

1) how should i begin the process...thats is get i20 first or initiate process now itself at USCIS?

2)what would happen to my b1/b2 visa if i change my current visa to f1 or j1?

All your suggestions would be highly appreciated.

thank you.

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Did you declare your interest in COS at entry?

It is a little late for admission to fall 2013 programs and many permit entry only in the fall. You need to return home and investigate you options from there rather than make a hurried decision. F-1 REQUIRES an I-20 (and proof of funding) in your hand.

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