L1A and H1B processing at the sametime


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Hi Everyone,

Please advice me on the below scenario.

Currently I am in L1 visa and going to expire. So my employer is planning to do L1A conversion for me. But I have expired H1B visa which was used only one year and so I am eligible for cap-exempt (not subject to cap) H1 petition for remaining { 6 years - (H1 + L1) years}.


1) If L1A petition is applied and in the mean time if another employer is applying for H1 petition, what will happen?

2) If H1 is approved first for a new employer and I no longer belong to the current employer and what will happen to L1A petition?

3) Is it possible for this L1A to get approved later and will I loose the H1 status since L1A is approved?

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