H4 to F1 stamping in India


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Hi Everyone,

I had come to the US on H4 visa on Dec 2011.

Even though I have Bachelors and Masters degrees from India, in Spring 2012, I enrolled in an associate degree course in a local community college (bcz none of the state uni offered a course in the subject of my interest). Meanwhile, I also applied for the change of status (H4 to F1). I received the approval notice for my student visa (F1) in Dec2012.

Since I plan to visit India during May, I want to know what are my chances of getting an F1 visa stamped by the consulate/embassy. I would like to add here that my husband is on an H1 (valid till Oct 2013).

Can anyone let me know how good or bad my chances are of getting an F1 (keeping in mind the fact that I study at a community college and doing an associates degree after having received an Indian Masters) if I leave the country and re-enter?

Any advice/comments/suggestions will be appreciated.


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Visa applications are always a risk, especially when applying for a visa which requires a manifestation of nonimmigrant intent, like an F-1. Though previous education history may be one factor, a full review of all factors in a case are considered when deciding whether to issue a visa or not. It may help to speak with an immigration attorney to flesh out all the factors in the case to determine reasonable expectation and prepare a personalized immigration strategy.

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