Help! OPT might be rejected due to late correction in I-20


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Please help me!!! I am so stressed out.

I graduated in on Dec 20 2012. I sent in my papers on Feb 15 2013 - I waited this long because I do not have my I-20 OPT. My school had an administration mess up and my I-20 said I graduated in August 2012. However, that is not the case I graduated on Dec 2012. Anyways they rushed to fix it, but the correction still haven't come in. My DSO told me to send the OPT without my I-20 OPT. And when the correction for my I-20 comes in, they will issue the I-20 OPT and then I will send it. But till now the correction and I-20 OPT still haven't come in.

I am so scared because I've read a lot of cases and usually it ends up in my OPT being rejected. Please help me. I don't know what to do.

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Yeah, but I am not getting much from my DSO, all she says is just wait for the correction to come in and what that happens send in the information to USCIS. Problem is they know it was an admin messup and it wasn't recorded until end of the year. DSO sent a letter to USCIS explaining the situation but I don't know how much that would help.

It's unnerving sitting here waiting for the issue to be resolved without hearing anything. What would USCIS do if I sent in my application without an I-20?

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