H1B Visa stamping - what happens to old valid visa?


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Dear Friends,

I have an appointment scheduled for H1 B visa stamping on December 12th 2011 at Toronto consulate. I had done my earliar stampings in Chennai, India in 2006 and 2010 and both times received 221G for administrative processing (common last name). I got stuck for 3 month and 8 months respectively and could not return in time as visa was already expired in the passport.

1) Since this time around I have a valid visa till January 2012, Can I come back to US from canada on old visa incase of 221G? or will the visa officer cancel my old H1B in passport during the interview?

2) I got my last H1B visa approved in early 2011 when I received my 221G clearance. Since I received the clearance in this calender year, what are the chances that the VISA officer not give me 221G this time around? or How long is the last 221G security clearance valid?

3) Mine looks to be a case of false hits. what are my chances of getting cleared sooner in Canada than India?

Guys, please take a moment to answer my questions and share your experiences, it would be greatly appreciated!



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1) I donno how it works with 221G .

If you get 221 G with your visa not cancelled , you might be able to enter US.

I think VO will cancel your old visa if you receive 221G. It also supports the fact that when you get the new visa, it will start from your appointment date till dd date.

Again, I am not 100% sure .

2) Kind of weird and would advise you not to go for stamping this year. You can get another 221 ; sorry :(

3) Cannot answer this. Only benefit is that you will be with your family and friends to guide you and help you in India .

I know someone who got stuck for a year in Canada ; good that the client let him work from Canada since there's a Company Office in Canada as well.

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