RFE processing time at TSC


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I received RFE for EVL in Nov 2012 and responded to it in Dec 2012. Status changed to RFE Response Review in Dec. It has been 60 days since the RFE has been in review status. I opened the SR few days back and yet to hear from them.

When I responded to RFE, I also filed AC21 along with the same RFE.

Can someone please comment on this? What is the processing time for this at TSC?

Thanks in advance.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I opened SR two weeks ago and didnt hear anything so I called and talked to L2 officer. He said we have responded to SR and I should be getting the response in couple of days. However, he read out the response to me and it said USCIS is working on my case and it is currently in Additional Review and asked me to allow for 90 days.

Is this a standard response for SR or do they really take 90 days?

Appreciate your response.

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