Traveling India now for first time H1B stamping. Is it safe?


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I would like to go to India for first time H1B stamping from F1 in September. I am in EC model working with a direct client of my employer. I am not quite sure if this project will go beyond after 6 months. After this project If I move to another client then I should have to gothrough the vendor which would be either EVC or EVVC model. So I am hoping to get stamped within this project when I am in EC Model (I have in this forums that the risk of visa refusals will be more for EVVC or EVC Model than EC and risk is very less for Full Time employment when compared to EC). Also for information my client doesn't provide client letter (their policy not to issue any client letters). Can I manage with the contract agreement between my employer and client and current and previous Purchase Orders.

What is the best option for me in this situation of huge 221g Visa refusals in India?

Can I go now when I am in EC Model or wait for few months wishing this situation of huge number of refusals will be reduced but then I would come to EVC/EVVC Model and might be with different client which again needs H1B ammendment becoming more risky.

I would also like to know much is the percentage of H1B refusals occuring in India. Is that most of the people going for H1B stamping are getting stuck with some kind of 221g refusal or can assume a certain percentage ratio of refusals.

Could you please suggest me?

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