H1 approved but did not get I94


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Hi pls help me out..

Last year my company filed my H1.It was L1 to H1 transfer.I got RFE first and then finally my H1 got approved.

I did not get I94 with my petition but my wife and kids who is now on H4 got I94.

What could be the reason of not getting I94.

My company is telling i cannot join work because i did not get I94.

Pls let me know that what i have to do.

How much time will it take to process I94.

Will i be not able to join work unless i do not get I94.

Pls help me out..what is the solution for this case.

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An I-94 is currently the documentation which sets out the terms and conditions of a nonimmigrants stay in the United States. Consequently, nonimmigrants require it currently to show work and presences authorization. Depending on the reasons for the USCIS decision, one could inquire with the USCIS to correct a mistake, or if maintaining status re-file for classification, or another avenue. It would be advisable to seek the counsel of a qualified immigration attorney to determine a personalized strategy.

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