Reusing Approved LC from ex Employer


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I have a question regarding LC and I’m hoping I will get some answers.

I was working on company A (consulting) for 3 years and they filed LC and it was approved (PD Jun 2010) then they filed I-140 but it had RFE.

In the meanwhile, I got a better offer so I moved to company B (full time).

Since I was not employed any more with company A they withdraw my I-140 petition.

Now company B is delaying my PERM filing process so I’m wondering are they any options to make use of the priority date from company A.

Can I use the same priorty date from company A? By moving back to company A from current employer(company B).if the answer is NO topic closed.

if the answer is YES then Do I need to reapply the LC and I-140 again with company A?

Your response is valueable to make my decision.


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