F1 visa to OPT


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My wife did her MBA here while she was in L2 and working also with her EAD. She completed her MBA in 2011 and didn't continue her job after that as our kid was born. Now she is in H4 and she wants to start working again. For that, she is planning to go back to school and do the additional subjects to make it a double master. She is planning to do it F1 visa so that she can apply for OPT.

My question is, in the OPT application, it's mentioned that you should be in the school for one full year to be eligible to apply for OPT. As she has done her MBA in L2 earlier, if she wants to complete her additional credits now in the F1 visa in 6 months, is it possiblt to get the OPT in this circumstace. Is the one year as a student will be considered as two years earlier and 6 months now?



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