Questions at Port of entry when travelling for the first time if the H1-visa validity is less than 3 months


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I am planning to travel to USA by Feb 20th 2013.

I have valid H1B - VISA, Petition(till - 08-JUL-2013)

This is the first time I am travelling to USA.

And again in April 20 2013 I am planning to come to India and take my dependents with me to USA with in next two days.(As their Visa is under process and i have to travel urgently).

So in this case will there be any question at port of entry like

1) why you went to India and coming back immediately - can i tell that i went to India to bring my dependents back.

2)Also will there be any question like why are you bringing the dependents for a very short period of 3 months.- What to answer if they ask?

3) What is the necessity for you to travel for short period of time?

In general I just want to know is it safe to travel first time to USA on H1B if the visa validity is only between 3-4 months.

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