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Hi,need your input in my case.

I primary from India and my spouse from Nepal. Filed under cross chargeability EB2.

I-765 filed on Nov 22nd.

My spouse EAD is approved and I got RFE on Feb 25th.

RFE answered on March 4th, over 4months RFE received still the status.

We called the office on June 15th and they said that my EAD is approved a while ago but for some reasons card is not sent. Customer service said that they will raise a request and look into the case and if needed they might ask for another finger print. I already gave biometrics twice.

My attorney said we should not call for status before 30days. Its been over 20days but still did not receive any update or the card.

Can someone please suggest me how to proceed now, or what would happen next, I am worried as we are planning to travel india this August.

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