Not having MS from US. Am i eligible for h1b visa stamping from canada?


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1. I am currently in USA and recently got my H1B visa extension. I am not having M.S. Degree from USA. Am i eligible for visa stamping from canada?

2. During my previous visa stamping (from chennai, India - 2 years ago), since my parents not aware of their exact DOB, they gave me some approximate dates. Now, i am not remebering what my parents told earlier. If i enter approximate dates for my parents in this new DS160, does this dates should match the old DS160?

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Hi Mattah,

i can definitely answer your 1st question,,, Yes, you can go to Canada, i gave my interview in Jan 2013, and the person with whom i shared my room with was also not having MS degree from US, he gave his interview on 21st Jan and got approved..We both got approval from Toronto consulate.

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Hi Mattah,

Yes, You can go to Canada for H4 - H1b stamping. There are many cases.

Hi Ajit,

Do you have Masters from India, if so is it related to the work you are doing ?

As there are questions asked about the relevant educational qualifications in Toronto H1b stamping.

I appreciate your response.

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I went for stamping in Toronto. I do not have a masters. My first visa stamping was done in India. It's a different story i was issued a 221g but to answer your question, yes you can come to canada. Just come prepared.

@pinusa: While i was waiting i heard a number of people being interviewed about their educational background. Some of the questions i remember...

* What was your major in ?

* What was your thesis/research on ?

* One guy from andhra was asked:

> What are the subjects you took in your masters. He said "Algorithms, Database etc.."

> What project are you working on now?

> How does your masters help in your current project.

* One guy from pakistan was asked:

> Explain your thesis.

> Why should they select you based on your thesis?

> How is your thesis/research work different from other papers submitted on the same topic?

Hope this helps!

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