H1B Employment Background Verification


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What you have on your resume may be fake, but you cannot fake when you are applying for H1B. Show your genuine experience it should be ok.

And about your employer finding out real experience, it may or may not happen. Generally these cases are handled by HR, not your hiring manager. As long as they don't interact much you should be good

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Isn't that what a lot of consultant companies does? Fake experience for the consultants they're exploiting and get them projects at other companies? You should be fine... No one ever asked me about the experience on my resume. Mine wasn't faked though. It was only fluffed up a little.

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The DA did not file any charges in my case. I didn't even have to hire an attorney and I did not have to go to court. They realized after they arrested and fingerprinted me that it was a mistake, but it was too late. The arrest record pops up every time I deal with immigration and I have to explain it.

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"Fluffed" experience is still LYING. If you are working for such a dishonest company, you are setting yourself up for problems. The consequences of lying to US immigration is far more serious that whatever they might do to you. You are down right stupid to participate in any fraudulent resume enhancement. Do you not have any moral standards?

No wonder non Desi employers distrust the resumes they receive.

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Supplying false information to a US government agency for the purpose of an immigration benefit may cause you to be permanently barred from the US. Please be sure your immigration process is handled by a qualified immigration attorney, and - it is extremely important - be honest with your attorney. If you lie to your attorney, the attorney will not be able to properly assist you.

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