H1B-H4 visa interview language selection @Mumbai consulate


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Hi Moderator,

Languages I speak: English, Hindi

Languages my spouse speak: Hindi

Currently I am in US and will be travelling to India in April 2013 to get H1B visa stamping with my wife (H4 visa stamping). Since they only allow one language for visa interview, it can be either Hindi or English. I have a question about selecting language for visa interview at Mumbai consulate. Based on what I have already read on this forum, sending her alone for H4 interview is NOT a good idea.

Q1: If I chose 'Hindi' as interview language, is it going to be problematic?

Q2: If I chose 'English' as interview language, my wife can try answering the basic questions(I have given her list of 40 questions) but any new question will be BLACK BOX for her. Also she might have issues with American accent. She is 1/10 in English.

What is the best way to deal with this situation? Any help will be highly appreciated.



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