Questions about visitor visa application for parents


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i have some queries about my parents visitor visa options.

My parents are Indian citizens with Canadian Permanent resident status . They applied for a visitor visa in November 2009 at Toronto about 6 months after gaining their Canadian permanent residency status. Their visa was declined due to lack sufficient ties to Canada at that point in time. They were also told to apply back in 3 years or wait till after getting Canadian citizenship. They do not reside in Canada all the time and have traveled back and forth between India and Canada in the past 3 years, hence not are not eligible for Canadian citizenship yet.

They have't seen us or their granddaughter in 3 years. I really want them to come visit us and do some sightseeing around the USA. I have some questions about the best way to go about it.

1. Is it better to have them apply for a US visa from India where they have a house, bank balances and properties under their name? Or we can have them apply from Canada now, since more than 3 years have passed since they initially applied for it in Canada? They are retired, live with my brothers family and have full benefits under Canadian system.

2. I can have my local mayor or senator write a letter to the consulate about me being a responsible citizen, our intention to have them return after their visit and taking responsibility for any expense they may incur during their visit. Do you think that can make a difference?

3. I can potentially obtain an invitation letter for a family function or a party for them to attend, if that can make a difference.

I sincerely appreciate any guidance you could provide in making sure that their case is strongest possible when the reapply this time around. I will look forward to your reply.

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