can we drive from Seattle to Vancouver for h1b visa?


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You should be able to. I drove to toronto. No questions asked at canada port of entry. How long are you going to stay in canada? Where will you be staying in canada? and he let me through.

The canadian officer told me i could keep my i-94 card. He said i would have to return when i go back to my home country.

Do not drive in a rental car to canada from the us, there is a possibility of the embassy delaying your visa processing and you could end up paying a lot. Hope this helps!

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There are no issues to drive from Seattle to Vancouver. I drove a couple of times for H1 visa stamping. I didn't have any problems in the past at POE. ARe you driving rental car? If yes, you have to think about options if you get 221g or other security check waiting time. Advise is to drive own vehicle or better fly.

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