yellow 221 g from toronoto


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I had my interview on 30th jan. Got a yellow 221 g and was advised to wait for an email. Its been 2 days and haven't received any email yet.

I was grilled mostly about my masters and thesis on RFID.

Is anybody else waiting for the email. What is the email address which we should expect the email from?

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I still havent heard anything from the consulate. Is there a way to ask them for a status update?

I was not asked to email any documents.. was just told to wait for an email. Havent got any so far.

What is the normal processing time for yellow 221g. I went to canada thinking the processing would be faster if I were to get a query.. doesn't seem like it so far.

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I got an email from the consulate to submit my passport which I did. Now I got another email from the consulate to appear again:


The interviewing officer wishes to discuss your application further with you. Please appear in person any Tuesday or Thursday between the hours of 1:00 p.m. and 2:30 p.m., excluding U.S. and Canadian holidays. No new appointment is necessary. Please bring:

o This request.

o NO electronic items, food or liquids.

We can offer no prior assurance of eligibility to any applicant for any reason at any time.


Does anybody have been through this experience? Any idea what it could be?

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