L1B (petition approved, no VISA) to H1


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I came to the US on J1, I got my J1 waiver and I started working on L1B (the US company have a branch in India). When I changed from J1 to L1 I didnt go to India. I got USCIS L1b individual petition approved.

Now my company wants to file H1 for me, but they are saying the attorny prefers me to be on L1 than H1. I am planning to go to India this December, and I am worried about L1 VISA rejections.

So my question is: Is that possible to change from L1 (no VISA in the passport but petition is approved) to H1? My L1 employer and H1 employer are the same..and I dont have any plans of travelling to India till December 2013.

Your inputs will really help me a lot.



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