wrong priority date on I 140 Approval


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Talk to your lawyer to have rectified...this should not be of big deal...or raise SR and this should be taken care of...this should have been taken care during 140 filing...some incapable 140 adjudicator @USCIS does this to have 06/22/2011 as PD..this is nothing but your bad luck...unless PD is empty(whom i now) got their GC in weeks years back...

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  • 1 month later...

I got my 1-140 approved with the wrong PD. My PD was Nov 2009 but got it with July 2010 date.

My lawyer contacted USCIS and they sent a letter which indicates to file form I 824 for duplicate copy and mentions about $400 fees.

I am not able to understand whats going on.Can someone please guide me as to what is the procedure to get the I 140 with correct PD and how much time it takes for the process.

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