Employer is willing to file under EB2 but I have issues.

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I have under graduate degree and 4.5 years of progressive experience in US after obtaining my bachelor degree in US as well. Currently I am working with a company who is willing to apply PERM for under EB2 because job position is eligible as advertised. The current position I have required Bachelor of Science + Minimum of 7 years of experience. I am on this company from 4 month. My questions for expert are:

1>Can I use my experience before bachelor degree for PERM petition?

2>While I was continuing bachelor degree in USA. Company A has applied green card application for me as Chef in EB3. That Labor and I140 have approved and priority date is 2008. I am not working for Company A but they still have my I140 and Company still want help me. Is there would be any conflict with my new employers labor application? By saying that Can I have more than one apllication from multiple employers?

3>Can I apply under EB2 with 4.5 years of experience after bachelor degree (US) + 1 year experience before to bachelor degree in India?

I feel my options are limited but experts advice will help. I would deeply appriceate any thoughts and suggetions.

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